Stripey Zebra stands for the special, the stylish and the beautifully-designed. This website brings together lovely items from some of the very best UK-based suppliers. Everything is made with imagination, inspiration, attention to detail and the little finishing touches that differentiate the unusual from the mass-produced, the special from the High Street horror.


We believe that it’s the little things that matter

We don’t like rainy days and know that childhood is too short to be grey, which is why the clothes on this website represent every colour of the rainbow. They’ll never be the cheapest but are bought for the long run: cost per use is not the same as cost per se. They are made from superior quality fabrics, built to last and to be easy to wear, wash and care for, and designed to be loved. They are ready to take all that little explorers’ lives can hurl at them, whether that’s mud, sweat, ice cream, cricket balls, conkers, sandcastles or snowballs.

Above all, our clothes are timeless. They look great now and will continue to do so. Our customers’ children are too nice to wear things emblazoned with their manufacturer’s (or even our) name or logo all over them. We hope you’ll agree that the clothes on these pages are destined to become your children’s firm favourites.

You know that ‘favourite pair of jeans’ feeling? For children, find it here.

Wonderful clothes, all in one place

Imagination will take children anywhere. So will Stripey Zebra clothes.